Learn the exact 7-steps you need to know to create successful commercials.

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Creating a commercial?

What's the most important part?

The idea? The script? The visuals? The dialogue?

Actually, none of the above.

This FREE mini-course covers 7 essentials steps for creating commercials that work, make you look like a genius, and keep paying clients coming back for more.

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Companies, Clients, Ad Agencies, Writers, Sales and Marketing, Filmmakers, Social Media Specialists

"Kevin, this course was amazing. I have been a long time fan of your work and have learned much from your videos over the years. I gotta say you have opened my eyes to things I never would have considered before. Now I am going to have to take all the courses...keep them coming." -- Enrique
"Awesome! You should have charged $500 for this! Learned more in this 20 minutes than my expensive degree cost me. Let me know when the paid course is ready, and I'll sign up!" -- E.C.
"Gold, pure gold! Your timing could not be more perfect. I just accepted a job making a commercial for a locals only music promoter. Your steps one through five really gives me the focus I need." -- Andrica

"This was well thought out! I believe I will try this approach on my next commercial. For a [free] mini-course it teaches more then I ever thought it would, 11 videos around 30 minutes, and I learned a new process for making better concise commercials." -- Richard

"Thank you so much for the info! Cant wait for all the other classes! We needed an instructor like you and a class like this one! This will be my go to website!" -- Miguel

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Kevin (Basic Filmmaker)
Kevin (Basic Filmmaker)


I'm Kevin, and many know me as the "Basic Filmmaker".

I'm more interested in what other people have to say than talking about myself, but if you must see some creds then GO TO THIS PAGE for a bio about me.

Otherwise, let's carry on and get some learning done.

Kevin - Basic Filmmaker

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