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You are most likely reading this page as you fall into one of five categories:

  1. After careful consideration, I have decided to review your product, or
  2. I have decided NOT to review your product and thought you might want to know why, or,
  3. I feel you might need some enlightening on how better to approach YouTube creators for your reviews, or
  4. You are one of my valued viewers and want to see the conditions I do product reviews under, or
  5. You ended up here by accident or needed something amazingly dull to read.


So there are no misunderstandings, please read the following:

  1. MY FIRST PRIORITY is always the viewers of my videos.
  2. MY VIEWERS TRUST ME and I will never betray that trust for any reason.
  4. I AM NOT reviewing your product because I need more gear - I don't.
  5. I DO NOT WORK FOR YOU, I work for my viewers.
  6. I ACCEPT PRODUCTS for review based on the following:
  7. It will be of value to my viewers and something I and they would buy and use.
  8. Your company's credibility, return policies, and customer support are excellent. I always check this for new companies I haven't worked with before.
  9. I WILL NOT accept money for doing a review, HOWEVER,
  10. IF YOU WISH TO PAY for a dedicated review, email me and I will forward your request to my agent. He will negotiate the price and terms (hint: anything under $1,000 will be ignored). ALL OTHER ITEMS HERE APPLY.
  11. I WILL NOT under any circumstances enter into a contract. That's a work for hire not a review.
  12. ANY ATTEMPT to sway my opinion, dictate what I should say, be dishonest, unethical, or coax me into doing a good review, and I terminate the review process immediately without question.
  13. I WILL NOT submit a review to you for approval, changes, or edits.
  14. I DO NOT do "Amazon Seller" reviews, only reviews from an actual company that makes the product. If found later you are an Amazon seller, I will terminate the review process immediately.
  15. I WILL NOT buy products to get reimbursed later after a "good review."
  16. REVIEWS ARE first-come, first-served basis.
  17. WHEN THE PRODUCT ARRIVES at my location, it goes into a review queue.
  18. IF PRODUCT NOT AS ADVERTISED (sucks) I WILL NOT do the review and tell you why. I will return it to you (you pay postage) or have it destroyed - your choice.
  19. I WILL ALWAYS CONTACT YOU with any problems during the review process to make sure there isn't some misunderstanding on my part.
  20. IF I HAVE QUESTIONS that are not responded to within a reasonable amount of time, I consider the review process terminated as that's how you would treat my viewers and your customers.
  21. IT CAN TAKE A MONTH (or more) before I complete the review. I use and test things it in real life situations. It can also take days depending on the product. What does this mean? DON'T HARASS ME!
  22. I LET MY VIEWERS KNOW I was given your product in exchange for a fair and honest review. That will include both pros and any cons I find.
  23. I INCLUDE MY LINKS in the video and may include your suggested links if appropriate, but I am not obligated to do so.
  24. I WILL NOT HONOR requests to place links where you want them (e.g. "Must include links above the fold"), verbiage in the description, or any other request on the final video.
  25. I ALWAYS WELCOME features or functions you would like to be mentioned in the video so I don't miss something, but I am not obligated to do so.
  26. I POST THE VIDEO on YouTube and send you a link.
  27. YOU MAY RE-POST the video wherever you like as long as it points back to the original YouTube video or you have my PRIOR OK to do so.
  28. I SHARE THE VIDEO on my own blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and attempt to tag you, but am not obligated to do so.
  29. THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE in exchange for the review is the total of our agreement. I owe you nothing more, nor do you owe me anything else in return.
  30. IF YOU ATTEMPT to violate these things covered after I receive the product, I will send you this link assuming you didn't have enough coffee yet.
  31. IF YOU CONTINUE, I'll assume you can't read, and the review is immediately terminated as is all further communication.
  32. REST ASSURED once I complete the review, we're friends, and you'll never have to read this again. :)


I hope this clarifies my position on product reviews and wards off any possible future misunderstandings.

You can always email me: [email protected] if you have any questions.

Many Regards,

Kevin (Basic Filmmaker)

YouTube Channel