This video was not so much about the COLD SHOE ADAPTER itself (which is awesome) but more about the nagging little things that can stack up on you as a video creator that make you feel like there's something wrong or that you don't "feel like" making more videos.

Everyone is always looking for the ONE THING that will fix everything, and it's rarely, if ever, one thing. Nor is it everything.

Cheap plastic junk gear, although it will save you money, will give you more headaches than you can shake a stick at,

It "seems" like a good idea to save $10 or $20 on something, but later, you find things are pissing you off as you continue to cheap out one little thing after another.

This was a lesson hard learned by me over many years. If someone walked up to me later and asked if I would pay them that $20 saved, the answer would be "HELL YES!" now knowing what a PITA the cheapo stuff can be.

Think carefully when weighing that "savings" (real or imagined) with how much stress it will cost you later.

These little nagging things: falls down, breaks, doesn't quite work, etc., etc., all add up over time and the next thing you know, you somehow feel disgruntled or not happy about making videos.


I and my videos are not everyone's cup of tea, nor do they try to be.

I think some forget this is the BASIC FILMMAKER (emphasis on BASIC) and I make these video to help new and beginning filmmakers.

That's why you'll see a review of a cold shoe mount that is 13 minutes long.

Some would prefer that I just rip through what it is, and feel I am wasting their time talking about what cold shoe mounts are, which are not good, or how you use these, possibly insulting their intelligence.

To be honest, I don't care.

I make many of my videos to help people who DON'T know about these things, so my reviews are not only intended to show the possibility of what a good piece of gear is, but also teach new people what it is, how it can be used, and what to look out for, so they don't do what I and a thousand other creators have done - buy a bunch of cheap crap not knowing what is good, what is bad, nor why it's important.

That's how I do it, hundreds of thousands of people are happy that I do it that way, and I hope you are happy I do my videos that way too!

-- Kevin (Basic Filmmaker)

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