In a previous video, I created a cool animated dial and counter using no plugins in response to a viewer request.

I had no idea that many didn't realize that Premier Pro allows you to open and work on multiple projects all at the same time.

So, why is THAT important?

Anything you create can be reused in all your other projects without having to export or go through other weird solutions - COPY from one project and PASTE into the other.

This is especially useful for graphics, color corrections on an adjustment layer, spiffy title cards and lower thirds, anything really, just copy from one project and paste it into your new or existing project.

You must understand that things like footage and video (media), audio and sound effects (media), photo (media), and other such, well, media, live on the drive at a location. So you can certainly copy and paste these too, but if you move, offload, or delete the media, Premiere Pro is going to complain and you'll have to re-locate the media files.

NOT SO for these graphics and things you are creating in Premier Pro, as there IS NO MEDIA sitting on a drive somewhere, it's all contained in the project file.

This makes creating awesome graphics, lower thirds, and everything else IN Premiere Pro well worth it, as they become reusable, copy-able, and paste-able assets that can be modified and travel with the project no matter where you go.

That ends having to export motion graphics, use the cloud, render out special files and all that.

I hope this is helpful to you in your video travels.

I also mentioned the new FREE mini-course the MINDSET OF A VIDEO EDITOR. Check it out and take the course as it will definitely help you with your future video and film projects.

-- Kevin (Basic FIlmmaker)

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